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Kanji Challenge Week 48: THE END OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!!!!!

by: tdondich

April 13, 2017

That’s right everyone, you finally made it!!! We have learned 1,008 kanji of the 2,136 joyo kanji! THAT IS SO MANY KANJI!!! Did you remember them ALL? Neither did we, that’s why we’re going to review every single kanji from Grade 1 through Grade 6 before we move on to high school. If you aren’t signed up for the email list yet, now is the time!

The kanji challenge will be moving to a daily email format so if you want to continue learning (or reviewing) go ahead and sign up! The email will be customized just for you which means no matter what day you join, you’ll start at Day 1! Awesome, right? Click the button below to join the list!

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In addition to the daily emails, we of course will still send out our weekly recaps with your free printable flashcards and links to study lists and printable writing sheets.

OK, now let’s get to our last 19 kanji in elementary schoool:


Week 47: The Speech 言 (訁) Radical (and other stuff too)

by: tdondich

April 6, 2017

Almost half of our kanji this week utilized the 言 (訁) radical. 訁 almost always appears on the left and is one of those rare radicals that is almost always connected to its meaning its kanji! Hooray! That means if you see a kanji with this easy-to-recognize radical, it probably has something to do with words or speech, but can also take on more intangible meanings like honor or visit. Check out this kanji radical guide to dig in a little deeper!


Kanjii Challenge Week 46: Silk 糸 (糹) and Meat 肉 (⺼) Radical

by: tdondich

March 30, 2017

While we learned kanji with 10 different radicals this week, most of the kanji were either silk 糸 (糹) or meat 肉 (⺼). While we have learned about the silk radical before, the meat or “flesh” radical is a little trickier. While the standard variation 肉 is easy to recognize, the radical is most often seen in this variation: ⺼. There are only TWO kanji that use the original variation. Unfortunately, the common variation is basically impossibly to distinguish from the radical for moon: 月. Yes, they look different when typed alone, but when used in a kanji…not so much!


Kanji Challenge Week 45: Too Many Radicals!

by: tdondich

March 23, 2017

It’s the end of Week 45 and we are cruising steadily through the 6th grade! Just three more weeks until we graduate to high school!!!

We’ve heard some concerns from a few people who are worried that they can’t keep up. And we wanted to let you know: don’t fret! It’s OK if you don’t memorize every single kanji and radical and on’yomi and kun’yomi each week…it’s a lot to learn and kanji are much more complex than simple vocab.

The most important thing to focus on is the overall meaning of the kanji, and then one or two times its used in context. As you learn and get exposed more you will get more comfortable to say “Oh I know that kanji” even if you aren’t sure how it’s pronounced in that word. Just remember, the biggest part of the kanji challenge is getting daily exposure to more and more kanji!

We had FOURTEEN different radicals this week (and we learned two new ones!) so let’s see how we did!


Week 43: The Week of the Hand Radical 手 (扌)

by: tdondich

March 9, 2017

Today wraps up Week 43 and we had 10 kanji with the hand radical! You may have noticed every kanji used the hand radical in the left position, 扌. Can you think of a kanji that uses the other variation?


Week 41: Joyo Kanji Challenge

by: tdondich

February 23, 2017

Another week is complete! We had wayyy too many different radicals this week, but luckily stroke counts stayed pretty low. I won’t waste your time rambling any more, so let’s just review the kanji we learned and get on with our lives!

Week 41: From “Create” to “Filial Piety”


Week 41: Jōyō Kanji Challenge Printable Writing Sheet

Week 41: Jōyō Kanji Challenge Study List

If you’re still not on our kanji challenge mailing list, then what are you waiting for? You get weekly recaps of all 21 kanji we learned during the week alog with FREE printable flashcards study lists! Click below to learn more:

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Kanji Challenge Week 40: Welcome to the 6th Grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: tdondich

February 16, 2017

We have worked sooo hard the past 10 months, chugging through kanji each and every day. 6th grade is the last year of elementary school, and soon you will graduate to secondary school and be all grown up! What, I’m not crying, I was just chopping some onions…

Ahem–OK, in other kanji news, we finally posted our big radical review this week! We covered what radicals are exactly, how to find them, why they’re useful, and which are the most important ones! If you missed it, you can check it out here:

Complete Guide to Kanji Radicals