Issues with I, A and E’s

Asked 2 years ago

Im from a part of England where A,E and I's all sound the same (Geordie dialogues) and I am finding it quite difficult sometimes to tell the difference between the い and え quite a lot and always get them mixed up. 

is there a way to easily access a sound clip of the vowels so I can try to differentiate them more easily or shall I keep suffering getting vowels mixed up until I finally get it? 

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Hi Random.error! So this question has been left unanswered for over a week now so I decided to ask the same question to a different community that also helps learners with their Japanese language. And here's what I got from them:


  • japanese is very simple. they almost always (99%) are pronounced the same way. there are very few exceptions.

    い = sounds like ‘ey’ in key. or ‘ee’ in tree.

    あ = sounds like ‘a’ in ball or call.

    え = sounds like ‘e’ in bed or red.


Answered 2 years ago