How does the point system work?

Asked 2 years ago


I was wondering what makes your points drop. I'm level 14 after correctly completeing my drills but I was level 15 before the drills.

I did only a few more drills before I went to sleep. Now I'm 356 points away from level 16. So confused...

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Just completed about 120 drills that were due. Made 4 mistakes. Now I'm 118 points away from level 15 again...

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i have worked out the point system...


so any pints you have gained so for through completing drills/awards etc. Is the your score, but until you master said drill they are only in bank meaning if you get it wrong, you lose a lot of points. It's an incentive to make sure you answer correctly and the points will not stay until mastered.


if it's saying you are close to 16 sometimes that's a error with the site. Really is that you got drills that have taken away your points and you have returned to the level before but it gets confused and thinks you are close to the next level as you were 15. I wouldn't look too in depth with the points system/level and focus more on mastering.


i hope this helped clear up the points system. 

Answered 2 years ago

Okay, thanks. It's not bothering me when it goes up and down a few hundred points but when it drops almost an entire level I suspect something is wrong. I'm still studying though! I'm not in this for bragging rights.

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 Random.error has it absolutely right. The way you keep scoring high is if you continue to answer those drills! The expiration of points is a way of pushing you forward in doing your drills. One of the hardest things about repetitive practice is...well...the repetition! Hopefully in this way, giving you more points each time you answer it correctly will help drive you to keep doing your drills daily.

And yes, if you perform a LOT of drills in one day, they will all expire pretty close to each other (if they're on the same schedule). As you continue to do your daily practices and unlock more drills, the spread of the drills will become a bit more distributed, which will result in less of a point loss.

We are also introducing more ways to score points that do NOT expire which will continue to give you new ways to keep high scores and battle each other.

Answered 2 years ago