Locked achievement fix?

Asked 2 years ago

It's me again, pretty sure I'm taking over the questions! Now, I like the idea of achievements, it gives me a goal to aim for. On PlayStation I try my best to get them all for the game as it makes it more fun for me and I fell like I have accomplished something.


Now while the main point of this site is learning and mastering Japanese, one of my side goals is to get all achievements (I'll not get them all as I wasn't a beta tester but the rest is fair game). I have noticed that there is a one that I'm having issues unlocking;

Over 9000! - Finish the first 3 number lessons.

I have passed this stage and it hasn't popped, so I'm wondering if there will be a fix? If there is will it be retro active to unlock once it is fixed?

Any one else having issues with other achievements not unlocking?

and finally, will there be other achievements added into the site to give more goals for people that are like me?







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