How to toggle some drills ?

Asked 2 years ago

Accidentaly I've added some katakana drills to my drill's directory but i don't know how to remove them from the list. If someone is avaiable to help me to know how to fix that , if that think is possible, i'll thank you so much . greetings, emanuele . 

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Commented 2 years ago

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if you were on a study list, try to find that said study list and you can remove each individual word from your drills or you can add more. This is likely how you ended up with them in your drills. 

hopefully this can solve your issue and if not, maybe a community member has a better answer.

Answered 2 years ago


Hi Ema! Random.error is absolutely right there! You can always go to https://www.nihongomaster.com/myaccount/drills to remove an individual drill set from your drills. However, if you remove any drills, you'll lose all points associated with them as well as your mastery progress with them.



Answered 2 years ago