Nihongo Logout times?

Asked 2 years ago

I am getting close to reaching halfway point in my 24 hour log in challenge. What I would like to know is how long can I leave the site on before being forced to log out. I ask because I currently can not write any more lessons and would like to go have a break. Maybe even have a shower (things I sacrifice eh!)


Long story short: How long can I be away from keyboard to get on with  other tasks, thanks.

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2 Answers


Thats a really good question. Im not sure if this site has an auto log out for inactivity. Best way to find out is to leave your browser open, turn off sleep mode on your computer so that the screen wont time out and go about your tasks. If you plan to be awake all 24 hours, check back every hour or so to click a different page or something. Thats the best idea i could assume.

Answered 1 year ago


great Q

Answered 5 days ago