Tips for a Beginner

Asked 2 months ago

こんにちは!I am looking for some tips on how I should go about learning Japanese. I've already learned Hiragana and Katakana before signing up, so I'm currently learning new vocabulary as I review these two writing systems on this site. However, I'm not exactly sure how to start learning Kanji since there are 2000+ Kanji to learn. I've also been wanting to learn the basic sentence structure and grammar as well, but then again, I don't know where to start. Please let me know and respond if you have any tips on this or any other additional advice you may have. よろしくおねがいします。

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The best thing i can advise is to continue with the lessons. Nihongo master is great when it comes to going over things like sentance structure. Keep at it and it will be worth it!

Answered 4 weeks ago