Baseball and Philanthropy go hand in hand

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One of the sports personalities who is intensely dedicated to making the lives of other people easier is Anthony Rizzo. 


He is known for his quality philanthropy work by the world. The people who do not know about his baseball prowess might recognize him from his charity work.


He is a known name in the field of baseball. Respected by all people he has made a name for himself where people respect his work and work ethic towards performing the best he can.


The majority of charity work is carried out by “The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation” which is taken care of by Anthony Rizzo himself, his family and a bunch of people who are near and reliable to the player.


The foundation is dedicated to cancer research and treatment. Anyone who suffers from a life-threatening disease can approach them.


They raise money for the treatment in many forms such as the “Annual Cook-Off Challenge” and “Annual Laugh-Off For Cancer” events. Millions of dollars are collected during these events.


This money is not solely utilised by the foundation. The collection is also donated to other centres that are working towards the same purpose.


Anthony Rizzo Shirts are not worn by his fans only due to him being a baseball player but also giving back to the people in the most crucial manner and saving lives. 

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