Could the website devs please add an option to toggle back to the old format? Also, here are some suggestions for the new format!

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Personally, I love the conept of the new site format, but it's SOOOOO glitchy right now! Audio doesn't show up in my drills, my lessons aren't completing, and I can't do any of my 484 available drills! Here are some things I'd like to see in the new format: (1) drills should move straight to the next drill when you click the right answer; in the old format, you could breeze through your drills when you knew the answers, but now it stops you just to tell you that you got the drill right. (2) a little more clarity on what the "lessons" are (the ones that contain the actual lessons that you read. IDK if I'm supposed to treat them as chapters or what). (3) A place to do ALL your available drills. In the old format, I'd click button, and it would take me straight to doing ALL my current drills on shuffle. Now, as far as I can tell, I have to do each set of drills individually, and those drills are currently bugged so that I can't do them w/o click "force these drills." (4) Dark mode... that's it! <3 (5) Obviously, bug fixes. I understand that the new site format is in early stages, but I personally love the concept! If all the bugs get ironed out (my audio starts showing in my drills, my lessons properly track progress, etc.), I think this sight will be even better! I think the whole community would LOVE to see some of (or maybe all of

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Hi there!  Our team has gone over your response in detail this morning and we're scrambling to improve this experience right away.  You'll see some changes today to reflect it.  I'm also going to personally reach out to you via email to discuss further improvements.  I'd love to get your feedback.  Thanks for the kind words as we try to iron out this launch.  It's going to be great, I promise.

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Sweet! Thanks for the quick response! To the inbox!

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