anyone else having issues w/any audio questions on your drills?

Asked 1 week ago

can't complete my drills because i am unable to click on any play button.  like there is nothing there for me to click...

Know someone who might be able to answer this question?

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same here, but don't know how to let them know... anybody knows?

Answered 6 days ago

I've been emailing one of the developers, and they are hard at work. They've deployed multiple patches to fix the drills, but the buttons still aren't always showing. I know this is a rocky launch, but the team has serious dedication, and they are extremely hard at work on fixing these issues. Hang in there!

Commented 6 days ago

went to the chat/discussion thread and found this email; melinda@nihongomaster.com. melinda said in her chat to email her directly w/any issues you are having. thanks for your response Onsie :)

Commented 6 days ago