so the lesson format...

Asked 1 week ago

i've tried cycling through the beginner lessons as i've finished the introductory lessons.  the  introductory was in the previous format as was the very 1st part of the beginner.  i had no problems following the old version lessons.  it was pretty straightforward; lesson, then quiz following said lesson, loved it. but this new version, oy vey!!!!  the section w/asking questions, what's mine and counting is seriously lacking in teaching the content that is being asked in the quizzes.  went back to make certain i wasn't missing something, and yep, there were definitely questions not covered in the lessons that i completed leading up to the quiz...i know i'm ranting here, but i am seriously getting frustrated!

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Hi there!  We've restored the order of content, but still retain a skill progression.  Please let us know if this helps resolve the problem!

Answered 3 hours ago