Update from developers?

Asked 2 months ago

Could we have an update from the developers on how things are going? I see some improvement but this is still incredibly frustrating. The lesson order seems still completely messed up. I risked yesterday trying the drill the site was recommending me and I ended up with a drill that doesn't fit with any lesson I did in the past. Now I can't find the lesson it relates to so I'm stuck with drills I don't understand.

Drill themselves were getting better but now when I miss one it doesn't even tell me what is the good answer anymore. Feels almost like we are going backwards.

Please tell me this is going to improve in the very short term. I loved the site so much but now it's becoming such a bad experience I wish I had not paid for a whole year...

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Hi Jmarois!  My apologies, our team has been hectically working on improvements based on feedback.  The drills should be now updated to show you the incorrect answers as well to ensure it behaves more like the previous version.

You can email me directly with the issues you had with your drills and we can look at absolutely cleaning them up.


Taylor Dondich

Answered 2 months ago

Thanks for the answer. I see the lesson order seems to be back to what it was finally. That is a huge step forward for me. I eventually found the lesson related to the drills that were proposed to me by mistake. I’ll be able to manage with that I think. Drills still don’t show good answer after a mistake for me though. But thanks for listening and providing feedback. I can see light at the end of the tunnel finally!

Commented 2 months ago