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Asked 2 months ago

Thanks for all the great work done so far on the drills. They seem to work very well now.

For the most part the quizzes work well and I like the new medal system that has been implemented.

One fix I hope comes in a future update on the quizzes. The answers do not highlight when you choose them or if you go back to see what one you might have chosen previously. They are also not highlighted after the quiz is graded so you can see which one you might have gotten wrong. 

I saw this was fixed in the drills so hopefully something similar can be made for the quizzes. 

Thanks for all the improvements so far. :)

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2 Answers


When I finish drills, it still says "0 drills completed."

Mr. Sosa
Answered 2 months ago


Still a problem where I have one or two questions in a quiz that are wrong but I am unable to go back and review the quiz to find out where I went wrong. None of the choices are highlighted so it makes things more difficult to learn where my mistakes might have been.

Answered 1 month ago