Help with translation. English to Japanese.

Asked 9 years ago

I would like to translate this into japanese.

"Treasure Chess

I have tried myself to write in japanese and this what i came up with "トレジャーチェス"

I was wondering is there another way of writing this? 

also, if i wrote the right way at first.

btw this is for my own manga i'm writing and illustrating. 


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1 Answer


Okay, well from that Japanese you are doing a direct translation so I expect that Treasure Chess is the name of the game (I'm assuming it's a game). I'm actually not 100% clear on what your trying to translate just because I don't really know any background into what this is. If your aim is to create a game called treasure chess then you've done that fine. There other ways to write it but as far as I know that is perfectly fine, just make sure that you say that the game is called Treasure Chess otherwise it could become very confusing for some-one to figure it out. 
I hope that helps and if your not trying to write a game (or object) called Treasure Chess please just comment and I'll clear it up asap :)

Answered 9 years ago