What kanji do you need to know to pass JLPT 5?

Asked 10 years ago

Was wondering about the goals to shoot for regarding the JLPT exam.


How many and which kanji do you need to know?

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Unfortunately, there are no printed requirements for the new JLPT format.  But common knowledge dictates that the kanji required is the set that was originally required in the original JLPT 4 level before the latest revision.  So that means there's approx 103 kanji that needs to be learned.

I know this site is releasing tools to help study for the JLPT 5 kanji list.  But that won't be until the Beginner level is unlocked.

Answered 10 years ago


If you looked up the old n4 kanji, you probably wouldn't be too fat off.

Answered 10 years ago