Is there something missing??

Asked 6 years ago

Ok woah i started begginers and it gives me kanji drills and quizes but no lessons did i miss something because I know nothing of kanji and I feel unconfident rushing into drills of kanji than straight to quizes :/ Is there anything going to be added to help recognize katakana and kanji or am I shooting in the dark?

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The katakana lessons haven't been added to the introductory level yet, and the beginner lessons are also on the way. Soon! ^_^

Answered 6 years ago


Soooooooon!  :)  Katakana lessons are coming, and so are beginner.  We will start adding the lessons to accompany the kanji drills soon as well.  We added those for people who were already familiar with them.

Answered 5 years ago


did you go to the intermediate before beginner was added? i had the same problem until 10 minutes ok. i'm like WTF i don't know all these kanji and kunyomi, etc.!! i deleted the the intermediate drill set in the "drill manager" under the settings. hope this helps!

Answered 5 years ago