Do you lose stars over time?

Asked 7 years ago

Just wanted to check if you lost stars overtime.  I logged in just now and saw my star count was lower than yesterday.  I know because at one point I was at 666 and decided to do some more drills so that I wouldn't log out as that number, but when I first logged in just now I saw 638.

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It would appear so.  It makes sone sense, it's can be seen as preventing people from stocking up on stars.  It's based on contenues effort instead of how much has been done.

Answered 7 years ago


Points for drills go down over time, but points earned from quizzes stay. I don't know for certain, but I know the drills go on a reoccurring cycle based on how well you do. It's been my opinion that the points expire when the drill is due again, but when you redo the drill, you have the opprotunity to win those points back (or improve the score, as the case may be).

MC's Neechan
Answered 6 years ago


They decrease every day

Answered 6 years ago