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Asked 7 years ago
Would someone give me an example of the highest grammar level used in the latest lesson on this site? Or a few of the highest points. I can decide if it's worth a subscription or not, and since I can't read the titles I can't determine if I'd get anything out of it.

Raina, what do you mean you can't read the titles?

Commented 7 years ago

Whoops, bit of a slip. I mean since I can't read the actual lessons and can only read the titles.

Commented 7 years ago

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Hi Raina-san!

If I understood your question correctly, you want to know the content (grammar topic) of the latest lesson. 

Here are some example sentences from the latest lesson and their translations.  Please note that we're releasing new 3-5 lessons every two weeks  This lesson "Stop Being So Wishy-Washy!" is the highest level of lesson for today (1/12/2014).

やきゅうフットボールどちらがすきですか。  Which do you like better, baseball or football?

かのじょどちらがすきなの? Who do you like better, her or me?

どちらも (おなじくらい) すきです。I like both equally.


If my answer is off the point, please let us know.


Answered 7 years ago

Thank you, that's what I was looking for.

Commented 7 years ago