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Hi again! It's me Erin, back after a several month hiatus!!!!!  When I do actually pop on, there's never anyone in chat (I work night shift and I have crazy computer time scheduels,  I'm still trying to keep up with my Japanese studies though.  Anyways, I was wondering, if anyone would like to be a penpal?  Maybe we can have some sort of penpal thing too.  I want to try to build up my vocabulary and stuff like that.  Would anyone be interested in helping me with that, perhaps a biweekly email or comment or something as to what is going on, hell even if you don't want to give out acutal information, you can just tell me about how your trip to Neptune was or something XD.  If you're interested in this, send me a comment or something (I'll recieve an email verification on this so I'll see I got one)


I'm not sure if this is actually a question question but...wooooosh~?

Hello my friend, if you are looking for penpals try http://www.japan-guide.com/local/?aCAT=2 You go to forum ---> friends ---> post your add/read others You WILL find someone easily, but remember that these people live in a different time zone and they get bored of you quite fast...maybe a month or so.

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Forgot one thing, never ask for personal data such as pictures or full name, they get freaked out for some reason or they ask you countless times why do you want to see their picture or know their name....well in Europe its common sense to know how the person you talk to for weeks looks and what is his/her name.

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I love the idea.  Would it be beneficial to have private messaging on Nihongo Master so you can do pen pal functionality? :)

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Yeah :). Hell ive thought of bugging u as a pp buddy, but idk how ur scheduel is or if a existing gf/wife would feel about that, especially if they cant read it themselves

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