Avatars don't work?

Asked 1 year ago


I've tried using many avatars, but none of them seem to work. Is it from the site or me? I tried different sizes and extensions.

I'm sorry to hear that, Tariq! I've reported the issue to our developers and they will look into it ASAP. Can you tell me which file sizes and extensions you have tried so far? Thanks!

Taylor A.
Commented 1 year ago

.jpg and .png mostly. As for sizes, I just kept testing all the images I had hoping one would work :p. Picking two randomly, 748 KB and 114 KB.

Commented 1 year ago

Same problem here. :-(

Commented 1 year ago

Tariq, do you get any sort of error when you upload? If not, can we schedule a time to test this out when you are online? I want to watch the logs

Commented 1 year ago

I don't get an error, I just keep getting the broken image thing that I have right now instead of the image I picked.

Commented 1 year ago

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Hi Tariq and everyone who mentioned this problem.  We've recognized the issue, solved it and restored everyone's missing avatar.  You can go back to changing it at any time!

Answered 1 year ago