Hi, Just wondering if this site really works?

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Like most sites teaching laungauges don't just start from the beggining with the alphabet and start you off with phrases for if you here to say need to ask for directions or conversation starters. I plan on taking a trip to Japan in about 4 months and I would really like to be able to speak the launguage on at least a childs level so I'm understood even if I'm not using more sophisticated words and such.

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From my experience so far, yes, this site is useful.

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This is a very easy one to answer - if you put the time into it, yes, you'll start learning things.

Regardless of the course you use (unless it's a military-level immersion thing) four months may be a bit of an ask to get up to N4 (which is effectively a child's level of Japanese), as that normally takes about two years of study from nothing or one year living in the country + active study.



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must main site has been Wanikani. But I was struggling with grammar from the textbooks I've been reading. And then I found this site. And it's been a god send. Definitely works. 


If youre only looking to be to be able to converse in basic tourist Japanese, I'd search instead for something specifically for that. This site goes into more detail than you will need. 

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I think this site is good for learning Hiragana and Katakana and some basic grammer. You will need more since conversational japanese is not taught and once you get deeper into the lessons it just becomes a read the lesson and do the drills kind of thing. I did this for about 4 months but honestly the site needs an overhaul if they wish to keep people for long. I cancelled my subscription didn't even get an email offering a cheaper price. $13 too much for what it gives. 

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hi T

yes, bthe site is very effective for learning because there

are dozens of phonetic charactersday use,

& the site is excellent for learning Hiragana & Katakana,

and includes some vocabulary and notes, and is convenient 

& fun to use 



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Hi Theodore-san,

If you have questions, please feel free to share! We'd love to help learners to understand Japanese better :)  

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