The letter font on my computer makes the hiragana "ri" look different

Asked 10 months ago

When I learned the Hiragana letter "ri" it looked a bit like "ij" without the dots. But I recently got a new laptop and the font that it uses, shows something that looks like an "n" with the second leg being longer and bending inwards (I don't know how else to describe it). 

When I drew this "new" letter and showed it to a Japanese person that has lived outside Japan for 30 years, she didn't recognize it and said that the only right way was the "ij" without the dots.

Is it a modern way to write "ri" so that it looks different from Katakana? or is it an Apple specific way that is not used anywhere else? I'm confused. Please help me....


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1 Answer


Both are correct. Depending on the font the I to the J may be connected. The same thing goes for ki in hiragana as well, where the bottom of the top bit loops around to the bottom line.

One's just a more handwritten, classical style is all.



Answered 10 months ago

Thank you very much for the quick answer ! I'll tell the Japanese lady here that she may want to visit Japan a bit more often to refresh her native language :-)

Commented 10 months ago