is thechat only on at a certian time??

Asked 10 months ago

i know u guys changed the chat function but i still cant get on? is it only on at scheduled times?


I think chat is still not working. But hopefully they will fix it soon ^^

Commented 10 months ago

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1 Answer


Guys, Taylor D. has been working really hard and I think it's gonna be ready this weekend.!! They actually moved over to a whole new thingamabob (I don't know the technical stuff) that is way more stable so it won't keep crashing like before. 

Sooo we know it's been a long time coming, but the wait is almost over! Hallelujah!

Taylor A.
Answered 10 months ago

That's awesome! Please let us know when it's ready ^^

Commented 10 months ago

yay! thank yu!!

Commented 9 months ago