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i often have a problem to choose right time for inhaling when i read some new text with complicated structure and long sentences. I usually make pause after nouns, but sometimes there are many adjectives. Japanese probably dont have these problems, because they read like 5x faster :D Any idea how should i cut the sentence to smaller blocks? Here is example of longer sentence:

... 、全能の父である神の右の座に着き、生者と死者を裁くために来られます。

In hiragana: 

... 、ぜんのうのちちであるかみのみぎのざにつき、せいしゃとししゃをさばくためにこられます。

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I think you can issue a break after every comma and after every particle. E.g. ぜんのうのちちで<pause>あるかみのみぎのざにつき,<pause>.
While taking the short breathing pause, try to read the next section ahead. This way you can read that next section faster and can waste less breath on it.

Answered 7 months ago

Okay I messed that example sentence up, I didnt know である was supposed to be a whole.

Commented 7 months ago

I agree with Robb216! Pause at each comma or after each particle and it should sound just fine!

Commented 7 months ago

Thank you very much! I hope i can speak more fluently now :)

Commented 7 months ago