Audio drills not working

Asked 1 year ago

Hi. I cant play the audio file on any of the drills in the dojo... the drills coming from last lessons of the intermediate course do not work for sure, im not sure about other drill sets. Tried on a few devices, none of them could play it.... The N4 is in 2 weeks and its the worst possible moment for the drills to break :D  Anyone else having this problem?

Hello Olkuszさん! I am really sorry for the inconvenience! I will look into the problem you are experiencing and will get back to you as soon as possible! I would love for you to be able to get back to your preparation for N4 as soon as possible! Thank you for being patient!

Commented 1 year ago

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It does not work on neither ipad os, android phone or Windows PC ; mobile and normal site. Some older drills work, but the ones from last few lessons don't...
Answered 1 year ago

Oh I forgot to tell, I am doing the beginner drills only !! So the beginner drills are fine. The intermediate drills may not work. I'm sorry for not reading your question thoroughly !!

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Hi Olkusz, 

We are trying to identify the drills you are referring to. Next time you run into this problem, could you submit a help desk ticket from the red question mark "Help" button in the bottom right? This way we will see what drill set you are working on and rectify the issue! So far going through I haven't seen any drills missing their audio but I will continue looking! 

Taylor A. 

Taylor A.
Answered 11 months ago

The drills are already working now. It was the first time ever that i had any problem with the site. I will use this way next time. Thank you for your help.

Commented 11 months ago