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Asked 5 years ago

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With the new system (especially after the removal of the intermediate feedback page) I noticed shortcuts dissapearing and no new ones having been added. The most obvious one for me that breaks the flow is the removal of the shortcut for skipping to the next drill after getting a drill wrong. Now it requires you to pick up your mouse and move your hand, which is a hassle. The shortcut on 'c' no longer works. Also, there still doesn't seem to be a shortcut to play the audio -- also forcing you to pick up the mouse. Are these being re-implemented soon? I'm asking here because I'm wondering if I'm the only one that would appreciate these shortcuts being re-implemented, or if I'm just being fussy. :)

I'm not sure if there is an overview of all available shortcuts hidden somewhere. If so, I've not been able to track it down. Should there be I'd love to hear of it from other users.


Keep up the good work!


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Great question.  We don't do the C shortcut as people may want to take time to read what they got wrong.  However, we may add it back given more feedback.

We don't necessarily do a shortcut for playing audio because a drill can technically have multiple audio clips attached to it (most of them currently only have one).  So, we'd have to figure out the best solution for that.

Would love people's additional thoughts!

Answered 5 years ago

I'd like a shortcut for getting to the next lesson after completing a lesson's set of drills. It seems at the moment that you just get the normal "you completed your drills!" page, and to access my next lesson I have to hunt it down through the lessons page or my homepage. Could you direct from one lesson's completed drill page to the next lesson?

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Personally, I don't think a keyboard shortcut for going to the next drill from a correction-page would compromise the intended effect. The one important thing is that something distinctly different happens when you get a drill wrong, and with the system as it is, this is the case:

When you get a drill right, you continue to the next drill in an uninterrupted flow of success, and continue to use the 1-5 number keys to answer the drills. However, if you get a drill wrong, you are instead taken to a nice, correctional page with an absolutely fitting red design element, which effectively serves as a stop sign, and in itself already makes you pause and realize you made a mistake.

The addition of a keyboard shortcut alternative to picking up the mouse and clicking on the button would consequently not jeopardize this, provided that the shortcut key for continuing on from this screen is NOT one of the keys 1-5. The important thing is that something different happens when you get a drill wrong, and that you need to do something different in order to continue from that screen. Picking up the mouse and clicking on a button works, but simply pressing a different key will have the same educative effect, while being more user-friendly.

Regarding the audio files, one solution that spontaneously comes to mind is using the row of letters beneath the number keys - QWERT... - as shortcuts for playing audio files. The UI would have to be slightly modified to show the shortcut letter in front of each audio file, similar to how the numbers are displayed in front of the answers. Since the letters are directly beneath the numbers 1-5, they will be conveniently easy to press, and you will simultaneously have theretical support for a generous amount of audio files per drill.

Kira Resari
Answered 5 years ago