I really wish the website would promote community features more.

Asked 5 years ago

From looking at the rankings there's clearly some very active people and the userbase is probably not reflected by the activity in the community section. Would it be possible to try to implement website features which would make it more motivating to engage other learners? Make the profiles a bit richer with something like writing a little about yourself and maybe why your're learning Japanese, displaying some stats on how much you've practiced in the last week/month (yes I know about recent activity) and maybe display votes recieved in this section. Possibly adding a somewhat similar feature to let people thank each other in chat or even rewarding them (fake internet points are fine) for communicating in Japanese there?

I'm not saying turn nihongomaster from a learning website to a social platform, but when wanting to engage with other learners to keep motivation up it's somewhat depressing that sorting by activity the 2nd largest group is also on 2nd place in recent activity with a week since last post. Not to mention the chat where the 4 last users wrote something 16 hours ago, 4 days ago, 7 days ago and 8 days ago. 

Adding a little more: Maybe something like quests to make people more aware of the sites features which takes you around the different sections and gives an achievement at the end? Could also add daily quests where you could pick a number of drills you want to complete each day so people can have a regular goal without being overwhelmed if they have 300+ drills to do. Speaking of achievements, they don't really work well as a motivation tool if you can't see which achievements you have yet to complete and can work towards. Randomly receiving them feels like they don't really have a purpose other than some decoration on the profile page.

Commented 5 years ago

Adding even more, maybe add some kind of community participation ranking that gives points depending on actions related to community features and display your position in the various ranking on the "my account" page along with position movement in the ranking from the previous day?

Commented 5 years ago

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These are really great ideas and just letting you know, we're working on them!  We're revamping our points system right now and we'll be re-adding our activity feeds across the site.  So you'll be able to see people's activity all over.  Also, people's profiles will get an improvement as well.  Please keep the ideas flowing, as we continue to improve the site!

Answered 5 years ago