Has anyone else been having an issue accessing the nihongomaster website?

Asked 4 years ago

Recently I have been having a problem accessing this website and I wanted to know if anyone else has been experiencing the same issue. When I type the web address into the url I am automatically sent to an error page. The same problem has occured repeatedly on the website and the mobile version. I have managed to circumvent the error page by googling the website and entering through a direct link to the drills. I didn't until a few days ago, but it is really annoying to have to do a google search just to access my profile page. Anyway, I just wanted know if this is an internal issue I need to fix for myself or anyone else has had the same issue.    

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i have been accessing it just fine on both my pc browser and tablet. Hope it is working for you by now.

Answered 4 years ago


Hi sydimini!  You found an issue and we fixed it right away.  You are right, if someone just typed nihongomaster.com, they would have gotten an error.  This was a result of a recent change we made that optimized our site to make it run even faster.  Unfortunately, the code for the root domain didn't work properly.  So that's all fixed.  If you went to our site at www.nihongomaster.com , you would not have encountered that problem.


But now you should be all set!  And thank you for bringing it up!

Answered 4 years ago