"Official Pseudonym" in Japanese

Kira Resari
Asked 4 years ago

Hello everyone,

I'm finally going to Japan next week, and I'm going to travel using my official pseudonym. I really hope that won't be a problem, but since I do have it printed on both my national ID an passport, I believe it should be fine. I also had a registration card featuring both my citicen name and offical pseudonym translated into Japanese by a notarilly certified translator.

Nonetheless, I figure it would be best if I could also explain this myself if needed. For that purpose, I am looking for a translation for the term "Official Pseudonym".

For "Pseudonym", I have already found "偽名". Would that be a good match?

As for "offical", there are too many options to choose from, and I'm almost certain that if I just pick one at random I'll end up fabricating a term that sounds quite wrong. Do you have any suggestions which word I might best use for that purpose?

Thanks in advance,

Kira Resari

The Travelling Fox


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