Differentiating "looks like" and "told me" forms for な-adjectives?

Kira Resari
Asked 4 years ago


Hello everyone,

I just cleared the lesson with the "looks like" forms, and was wondering if there is a way to tell apart the "looks like" and "told me" forms for な-adjectives.

For example, this is my current understanding:

I heard this town was inconventient: このまちはふべんそうです。

This town looks inconvenient: このまちはふべんそうです。

Did I remember it wrong, or are those two really the same?

Thanks in advance,

Kira Resari


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1 Answer


when you use "i heard" form, you use whole plain form:
このまちはふべん + そうです

In "looks like" form you remove だ


Answered 4 years ago