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Hi nihongomaster community!!

I'm planning to draw a tattoo on my left forearm with the concept of "anticipation", actually I wanted to draw the whole sentence "How could I anticipate?" as an open question for everything in my life, but I thougth it was rather too long. That's why I chose the sole concept of "anticipation". Then I wanted it to be drawn in japanese kanjis as I really love japanese culture and its richness regarding of anticipation matters (economy, crisis, natural disasters, war, politics, etc).

I've explored some prospects like Yosoku (予測), Yoso (予想) and Kitai (期待), but I would really appreciate your opinion onto this as it is something that will brand me for life. What would you think fits the best in this case?

I'm very thanked for any guidance you can give me about this.

Best regards

PS: I apologize for the extension of this selfish request and for my english since it's not my native language

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I think the best thing in any case like this is to NOT get a tattoo in a language you’re not fluent in. There is too much that can go wrong and then you’re stuck with it for life. 

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Probably many people want to draw a tatto in Japanese because they believe it should be cool. Unfortunately I often found strange tatoos because it is quite difficult to find the accurate translation, so please be careful! Don't quickly decide Kanji from the dictionary.

"How could I anticipate?" means "No one can predict the future"? 

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This reminds me of the video made by "That Japanese Man Yuto" with the Japanese reactions to Kanji tattoos.
Some are cool, but a lot of the time people make the mistake of choosing the wrong kanji, or that the kanji makes no sense when it is used on its own with no context.
I would say to ask the opinion of Japanese Exchange Students personally to see what their opinion of it would be. 

Answered 4 years ago