Correct sentence structure?

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Asokoni isuto tsukuega arimasu 


Isuto tsukuega asokoni arimasu. 

My book says the first one but I got used to the 2nd one. Which one should I use? Is either of them ok?

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There's no strict rule for this in Japanese, the verb goes at the end and copula/indicators go after nouns and adjectives, so depending on what you want to emphasise you can play with structure a bit as long as the verb is at the end. Again I believe there's a good lesson on here in the beginner section which explains this quite thoroughly.

The general sentence flow would be the first in practical use but the second one isn't wrong at all. For the second one いすとつくえ、あそこにあります would probably be better though. Explaining the different between は and が though is quite complicated so for now just stick with what your book says. If you do the lessons on here though they give you loads more practical example and explain everything thoroughly so I'd suggest giving them a readthrough. I forget whether they're under the introductory (which is just kana I think, maybe not - it's been years) or beginner sections.

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This question is also good :) 

As your text book says, the first structure "location + ni + something + ga + arimasu" is a basic form.   
However, the second structure is not wrong. You can use either one in the daily life.

Concerning "ga" and "wa" here, there is a difference nuance.    
For example, あそこにいすとつくえ あります。 => いす and つくえ can be a new topic. (which has never been told in the conversation)
                       つくえといす あそこにあります。=> 
 いす and つくえ is an old topic (which has been told in the conversation: e.g.つくえといすがほしいです。どこですか?) 

This is an advanced grammar point!

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