ao or aoi?

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for the word "blue" I've seen it as aoi AND ao. Could either be used?

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aoi and ao are basically the same word. Some adjectives in Japanese are called i-adjectives and this is one of them.

So you could say: " a blue car" in two ways:  aoi kuruma or ao no kuruma. In the first instance you make use of it being an i-adjective and you just stick it in front of the word car. In the second instance you use a particle " no"  to connect the color to the car. 

i-adjectives have a different set of grammar rules that apply to them compared to non i-adj. 

For example i-adjectives have a special way of changing when a negative expression is used. So when something is not blue it becomes aokunai or aokuarimasen. (the i is removed and kunai or arimasen is added).

Another example of an i-adjective is the color red: aka or akai.  

it is not restricted to colors though. oishii (delicious, tasty) is also an i-adjective


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As far as I know, in most cases (including that with a car) "ao no" and "aoi" are the same, but sometimes there is a difference.

For example, "aoi enpitsu" is a pencil painted in blue color, while "ao no enpitsu" is a pencil which writes in blue (even if it's not blue itself).

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