How big is the difference between N5 and N4?

Asked 3 years ago

Hello! I'm from Romania and unlike in other countries, you can take ta jlpt exam just once a year, in december. I can't decide if I should set for N5 or be ambitious and try to take the N4. Thank you in advance!

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My suggestion would be to get copies of both the N5 and N4 official test practice books. This is the N5 one:

N5 test book at amazon

It's significantly more difficult than any of the nihongo master quizzes, even the "final exam" one at end of the beginner level lessons. When you can breeze through the sample test you will know you are ready to take the real JLPT exam for that level. Good luck!

Answered 3 years ago


I was in the same position you're in. I was between an N5 and N4 at the time and I decided to go with the N4 level. I used the SOMATOME N4 level books and it literally had everything I needed to know that was on the test. If you can memorize what's in those books (I used quizlet.com to help) then I'm certain you'll pass. 

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