Can you connect two routers with Xfinity internet?

Asked 2 months ago

This is not something a router does. Wireless “routers” are combo devices that have a router and an access point built into the same box, but the outer portion of it does not handle any wireless functions, it merely routes traffic from your internal network onto the Xfinity internet, while performing network address translation (NAT) to allow you to connect multiple devices inside your network to a single IP address on the internet.

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Not sure if this question is spam or what. Doesn't make much sense...
You can cerrtainly connect two routers together and have all traffic go to and from the ?modem(xfinity?) 
Just requires both devices to be on the same subnet and everything should work just as if there were only one ( provided you set the subnet/gateways correct )...

Answered 2 months ago