Hi please help me how do I say this?

Asked 3 years ago

Hi I urgently need to know how to say "I liked the sushi, but I did not like the wasabi because it was too spicy" in hiragana please. 

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Hi, I'm Japanese ( but not a Japanese teacher)
Perhaps it's too late to answer...? ;(

>I liked the sushi
わたしは おすしは すきでした。(私はお寿司は好きでした)

>but I did not like the wasabi because it was too spicy
でも わさびは からいので にがてでした。(でもわさびは辛いので苦手です)

I want to make sure though, you don't like sushi? Because you used "I LIKED sushi".
If you like sushi, I have to change how to say in Japanese.
So I suggest some phrases here.

> I like sushi
わたしは おすしは すきです。(私はお寿司は好きです)

> But I can eat sushi without wasabi.
でも さびぬきなら おすしは たべれます。(でもさび抜きならお寿司は食べれます)

>I don't like sushi (to decline eating politely)
おすしは あんまり すきではないんです。 (お寿司はあんまり好きではないんです)

In this time, I used conversation phrase
So it's difficult to understand for foreigner who lean Japanese (TT)
I hope this will help.

Answered 3 years ago