How much should I study in a day?

Asked 4 months ago

A lot of people seem to recommend things that are far beyond my reach due to my schedule, but I'd like to see what the community thinks of this.

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In my opinion you should do as much as you are comfortable with and what fits in your schedule, otherwise you'll end up giving up because it becomes too much.

Compared to the other students here, I am probably very slow. Because of my work and commuting back and forth by car, I only do one new lesson a week and have been doing so for  more than 3 years. But I still enjoy it very much and I am able to commit to this schedule so there is a steady pace (although it is the pace of a turtle).

I probably spend between 30 min up to 1 hour a day and once day a week I spend 3-4 hours learning a new lesson and repeating some old stuff.

Whenever I can, I repeat what I'v learned and I watch a Japanese movie once in a while and try to understand as much as I can. It may be slow, but I am progressing and I will get there.

I went to Japan on holidays recently and was able to talk to the people in the shops, restaurants and trains and that went very well. So if you can live with slow progress, it is possible.


Answered 4 months ago


50 minutes on different subject

Miyouki Chan
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