How much should I study in a day?

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A lot of people seem to recommend things that are far beyond my reach due to my schedule, but I'd like to see what the community thinks of this.

4 hours a day.....

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In my opinion you should do as much as you are comfortable with and what fits in your schedule, otherwise you'll end up giving up because it becomes too much.

Compared to the other students here, I am probably very slow. Because of my work and commuting back and forth by car, I only do one new lesson a week and have been doing so for  more than 3 years. But I still enjoy it very much and I am able to commit to this schedule so there is a steady pace (although it is the pace of a turtle).

I probably spend between 30 min up to 1 hour a day and once day a week I spend 3-4 hours learning a new lesson and repeating some old stuff.

Whenever I can, I repeat what I'v learned and I watch a Japanese movie once in a while and try to understand as much as I can. It may be slow, but I am progressing and I will get there.

I went to Japan on holidays recently and was able to talk to the people in the shops, restaurants and trains and that went very well. So if you can live with slow progress, it is possible.


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You should have to study as much as you can.


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Look at your schedule and see what is best for you. If you can dedicate something like an hour each day to Japanese, then feel free to do so. If not, then don’t. Sometimes forcing yourself to create a good habit can be a good thing, but take things in moderation. Remember to work at a pace that is good for your physical and/or mental health.

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my schedule is extremely busy being a photographer so trying to fit in time is a necessary otherwise I would be demotivated to continue. My schedule usually goes 12pm (lunchtime breaks) I try to catch up on drills as this way it reduces the load and stress of falling behind. 5pm I put aside an hour to learn at least 1 lesson and unlock the drills that match. Before going to bed I also have a quick browse on drills incase needed clearing up. I done this every day for the last month so it's slow progress but I learn something new daily except on sundays. On sundays I review what I have learned (and write down, yes I write down word by word of each lesson) and practice a bit more on my speech.


i hope this helps you have a insight of my schedule. It's not too taxing and gives me ample of time to focus on my main job. 

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