Usage of が and quantifiers

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Hi! I'm trying to grasp the use of ga and quantifiers. Can anyone help me with the following? ありがとう ございます。:)


1. Do the following question and answer make sense? 

Q: こどもがなんにんいますか。= how many children do you have?

A: わたしとつまはこどもが二人います。= my wife and i have 2 children. 


2. Do the following 2 sentences have the same meaning? I would like to say " How many people are there in this company?"

a. このかいしゃになんにんいますか。

b. このかいしゃにひとがなんいますか。


3. How do you know if ”こどもがさんにんいます。” means 'There are 3 children' or 'I have 3 children'? 


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