Malwarebytes Antimalware Is Not Opening

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Malwarebytes basically is a protection tool for your pc. It protects all the malicious elements that could provide harm to your computer. The anti-malware tool throws all the viruses and unwanted catastrophic elements from your pc. But due to mishandling and other certain issues it creates some problems in opening and proper functioning.

Causes of anti-malware not opening:

1)      Incomplete installing: the main reason the anti-malware stops opening are due to the incomplete installment. If the malwarebytes is not completed properly then the important files are unable to get extracted and hence fail in opening.

2)      Corrupted malwarebytes: if your malwarebytes anti-malware is corrupted accidently or intentionally then it fails to function.

3)      Outdated version: if there is an updated version available then it might stop functioning until you get the latest version.


Hope this might help in locating the proper cause of your problems. If you want any more information related to malwarebytes then kindly contact malwarebytes Tech Phone Number us at 1-800-983-8119.

More Info: https://www.antivirusonlinesupport.com/malwarebytes-customer-service.html

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