A problem with updating one's account

Asked 3 weeks ago

There seems to be an issue within the account settings. I am not able to change my personal description whenever I press to "Update Your Account" nothing seem to change. Is anyone else having the same issue?

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2 Answers


Same here, I've been trying to do it for a week already - no success(

Answered 3 weeks ago


We're working on a fix!  You should see it corrected tomorrow.  You'll be able to modify it in account settings as well as your dashboard.  Sorry about that!

Answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Taylor, thanks for replying to my question. I seem to still have the problem. I am still not able to update my personal description on my account. You stated awhile back ago “You should see it corrected tomorrow” however it’s been 4 days and I am still not able to update it.

Commented 2 weeks ago

Sorry about the delay. The unfortunate thing was the testing of the new page took longer than expected with the weekend. It's up now and you should be good to go!

Commented 2 weeks ago

Thank you for resolving the issue. It’s working properly now.

Commented 2 weeks ago