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渦巻く, うず巻く


Godan verb with `ku' ending, intransitive verb
  • to whirl
  • to eddy
  • to swirl
  • to curl (smoke)


Present 渦巻く
Negative 渦巻かない
Past 聞いた
Past Negative 渦巻かなかった
Te Form 渦巻って
Masu Form 渦巻きます
Potential 渦巻ける
Passive 渦巻かれる
Causative 渦巻かせる
Conditional 渦巻けば
Volitional 渦巻こう
Imperative 渦巻け

Related Kanji

whirlpool, eddy, vortex
scroll, volume, book, part, roll up, wind up, tie, coil, counter for texts (or book scrolls)
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