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Godan verb with `gu' ending, intransitive verb
  • to earn income
  • to labor
  • to labour


Present 稼ぐ
Negative 稼がない
Past 稼いだ
Past Negative 稼がなかった
Te Form 稼いで
Masu Form 稼ぎます
Potential 稼げる
Passive 稼がれる
Causative 稼がせる
Conditional 稼げば
Volitional 稼ごう
Imperative 稼げ

Related Kanji

earnings, work, earn money
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Example Sentences

I've got to earn my own living.
Being an orphan, my father had to start earning money at ten.
She came up with a good way of making money by using the Internet.
The new restaurant was making the owners money hand over fist.
Ill-gotten gains are short-lived. The only way to make real money is to earn every penny.