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Ichidan verb, transitive verb
  • to include (in a group or scope)
  • to instruct
  • to make one understand
  • to include (a nuance)
  • to put in (an implication)
  • to put in (someone's) mouth
  • to permeate with flavor


Present 含める
Negative 含めない
Past 含めた
Past Negative 含めなかった
Te Form 含めて
Masu Form 含めます
Potential 含められる
Passive 含められる
Causative 含めさせる
Conditional 含めれば
Volitional 含めよう
Imperative 含めろ

Related Kanji

include, bear in mind, understand, cherish
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Example Sentences

Wimbledon has eighteen grass courts, including the Center Court.
I hope this expense report contains all the relevant business expenses because I'm not paying a cent more after this.
All of us, including me rode the bus.
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