Nihongo Master

考える, 勘える, 稽える


Ichidan verb, transitive verb
  • to consider
  • to think about


Present 考える
Negative 考えない
Past 考えた
Past Negative 考えなかった
Te Form 考えて
Masu Form 考えます
Potential 考えられる
Passive 考えられる
Causative 考えさせる
Conditional 考えれば
Volitional 考えよう
Imperative 考えろ

Related Kanji

consider, think over
intuition, perception
think, consider
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Example Sentences

You must think of your family.
When I think of our standing in the series from now I don't want us to lose even once!
Who's this man? "That's not a man. It's a robot I thought up!"
He thinks of everything in terms of money.
They were based on goods which the members of a society recognized as having value.