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最早, もはや

  • mohaya


adverb (fukushi)

  • already
  • now


  • no longer
  • not any more

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Examples of 最早,もはや in a Sentence

もはや言うことない I have nothing further to say.
自分もはや若くないこと考慮に入れたほうがいい You had better take into consideration that you are no longer young.
多く汚染ひどいのでもはや飲料とるためにりようすることできない Many rivers have been so polluted that they can no longer be used for drinking water.
人間住むはやではない It is no longer a dream for man to live on the moon.
への旅行もはやではない A trip to the moon is no longer a dream.
その音楽もはや我々訴えない The music doesn't appeal to us any longer.
ロンドンもはやではない London is no longer a city of fog.
彼らの伝統的な生活模様は、もはや存在しない Their traditional life style no longer exists.
万一考えることやめれば、そのもはやではなくなるであろう A man who should stop thinking would no longer be a man.
南アフリカ政府は、もはや黒人平等の公民権求める運動抑制できない The movement of South Africa can no longer suppress the movement for equality.
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