Definition of 在る,有る,ある

Godan verb with `ru' ending (irregular verb), intransitive verb
  • to be (usu. of inanimate objects)
  • to exist
  • to live
  • to have
  • to be located
  • to be equipped with
  • to happen
  • to come about

Examples of 在る,有る,ある in a Sentence

I'm sorry, I have another engagement.
Excuse me; allow me to point out three errors in the above article.
Our teacher frequently overlooked the names of people on the list.
You have to acquire real skills, not just superficial knowledge.
How much is this camera worth? "About 100 dollars."

Related Kanji

exist, outskirts, suburbs, located in
possess, have, exist, happen, occur, approx

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