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当事者, とうじしゃ

  • tōjisha


noun (common) (futsuumeishi)

  • person concerned
  • interested party
  • related party

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Examples of 当事者,とうじしゃ in a Sentence

当事者調停した He mediated between the two parties.
当事者公証役場行く場合下記もの必要になります。 When one goes to the notary public's office, the following are required.
この契約当事者全部履行すべきものである This agreement is binding on all parties.
共通の利害もった当事者けんか腰いたとき入っていさかいにけりつけた。 Two different parties with common interests were on the warpath when he cut in to settle the dispute.
当事者同士話し合いもっと必要 There should be more communication between the persons concerned.
お前当事者じゃないからそんなのんきなこと言ってられるよ。 You wouldn't be so casual about it if you were directly involved.
当事者双方義務負わせる協定 An agreement binding on both parties.
当事者結構評価しているけど傍目八目とはいえ厳しい見方あたっているかもね。 You speak pretty highly of him but you're directly involved. I think my less charitable view might be more accurate since I can look at things objectively.
住民当事者背いた The inhabitants rebelled against the ruler.
役に立つ面会最も大切な条件は、医師くつろい他人邪魔されず当事者座ることきる静かな部屋 An essential condition for a helpful interview is a quiet room in which doctor and parents can sit comfortably and in private without being interrupted.
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