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召し使い, 召使い, 召使, めしつかい

  • meshitsukai


noun (common) (futsuumeishi)

  • servant
  • menial

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Examples of 召し使い,召使い,召使,めしつかい in a Sentence

召使いもっと親切に扱いなさい Treat your servant more kindly.
仕える召使い三人いた He had three servants to wait on him.
召使い主人命令実行しようした The servants tried to carry out their master's order.
召し使い掃除した The servant swept the floor.
ジョーンズ週給召し使い給料支払っている The Joneses pay their servant by the week.
召し使い徐々に新しい環境慣れていった The servant gradually adjusted to his new surroundings.
召使させられました He was made my servant.
奥様部屋にいらっしゃいます」と召し使い言った My lady is in her chamber, said the servant.
召し使いおけるほど金持ち He is rich enough to keep a servant.
最近は、人々移民していく場合日光とか植物あるいは召使い求めていくというわけはない。 These days, when people emigrate, it is not so much in search of sunshine, or food, or even servants.
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