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何で, なんで

  • nande


adverb (fukushi)

  • why?
  • what for?


  • how?
  • by what means?

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Examples of 何で,なんで in a Sentence

ここになんで来たの? How did you come here?
テニスウェアってんでミニスカートかしら I wonder why tennis is played in mini-skirts.
なんで途中突然干されるようになってしまっただろう I wonder why he was suddenly dropped from the team half way through?
何で彼女そんなことした What made her do so?
何ではそれ信じる気になったの。 What led you to believe it?
なんでやらなくちゃいけないの。 Why do I have to do that?
なんでもっと早くここに来なかったのだ Why didn't you get here sooner?
はなんでこんなに早くここに来たの。 What did you come here so early for?
何でわたしの? Why me?
なんで考え変えた What made him change his mind?
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