Definition of 姥

  • old woman


On'Yomi (音読み) Kun'yomi (訓読み)
  • うば

Popular Words With This Kanji

山姥, やまうば, やまんば

mountain witch

姥, 媼, うば

elderly woman, noh mask of an old woman

姥桜, うばざくら

faded beauty

姥捨て, うばすて

practice of abandoning old women (practise)

姥捨て山, うばすてやま

mountain where old women were abandoned

姥目樫, うばめがし, ウバメガシ

ubame oak (Quercus phillyraeoides)

姥彼岸, うばひがん, ウバヒガン

double weeping rosebud cherry (Prunus pendula)

姥魚, うばうお, ウバウオ

Aspasma minima (species of clingfish)

姥烏帽子貝, おばえぼしがい, オバエボシガイ

Inversidens brandti (species of freshwater mussel)

姥貝, 雨波貝, うばがい, ウバガイ

Sakhalin surf clam (Pseudocardium sachalinense)

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